• Week 1: Initial discussion takes place with assigned guide to discuss and plan the Journey.
  • Week 2: The leader begins with a self-assessment to gain deeper awareness about his/her own leadership style reflecting upon key drivers, dominant talents and most likely performance liabilities, aka “derailers”. For this phase we currently use Hogan Inventories benefitting from their decades-long experience and deep research.
  • Weeks 3-6: A customized School Leader 360 is developed and placed online to gather feedback from constituent groups. The 360 blends behavioral descriptors drawn from research and customized to obtain direct constituent perceptions about how the talents and “derailers” are impacting the current leadership role. The leader is also provided a unique pass code to complete his/her own 360 self-assessment.
  • Week 7: Detailed reports are generated which provide external perceptions of the leader’s performance, comparisons with the leader’s self-assessment and open text narratives which help to contextualize data received.
  • Week 8: Direct coaching is arranged to review self-assessments and 360 reports and consider performance goal opportunities that will yield the maximum impact on the leader’s effectiveness.
  • Annually: Repeat 360 assessment annually to measure and monitor progress and adjust goals as deemed necessary.