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“In 2020, In Conjunction With Wayne State University, We Examined Data From Approximately 10,000 Respondents And 94 Leader Participants To Determine, Among Other Things, Which Behavioral Descriptors In School Leader 360 Demonstrated The Strongest Relationship With Top Performers”

Survey Questions and Performance Ratings

23 commonly-used descriptors in SL 360 surveys were found to demonstrate strong correlation with leaders identified as top performers, as shown in the sample items below. The full study, including data norming, deeper examination of descriptors, job title, top and top/bottom performer analysis, etc. is available upon request.

Frequently and effectively communicates the district's vision and direction. - .467 89%
Models strong external and internal customer service. - .458 81%
Articulates clear targets and measures for district progress. - .453 79%
Shares enthusiasm about the future of our district. - .421 74%
Models what he or she asks of others. - .415 72%
Demonstrates attention to detail. - .382 65%
Encourages and supports innovative approaches related to teaching and learning. - .382 65%
Considers the ethical underpinnings of decisions. - .364 60%
Shows a firm grasp of our students’ data. - .362 56%
Builds strong rapport with others in the school community. - .361 55%