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We rely primarily on two assessments to inform the Strategic Self-Awareness Journey with deep inward and outward examination of professional effectiveness.

Inward: Based on decades of research and over 400 validation studies, the Hogan Assessments offer users deep internal self-exploration based upon 28 factors  which examine interests, talent and derailers, aka, factors associated with their talents that are most likely to interfere with success.

Outward: Even our greatest “derailers” are often born out of talents that are “overused,” resulting in dysfunction during times of burden and stress. Some very insightful and successful leaders recognize and mitigate these risk factors however research suggests that some derailers may also elude them and compromise their effectiveness. School Leader 360 offers customized, direct, real-time feedback to leaders about the perceptions of colleagues and constituents in their current workplaces. The individualized SL 360 survey produces a confidential and instant report of constituent group perceptions about the leader’s effectiveness based on researched performance factors and compares these with the leader’s self-perceptions. Other tables and open-text responses help to further inform and identify opportunities for growth.

The Clients

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School District Clients

Bay City Public Schools
Birmingham Public Schools
Brandon School District
Centerline Public Schools
Ferndale Public Schools
Harper Lake
Troy School District
Lakeview School District (Battle Creek)
L’Anse Creuse Public Schools
Oak Park School District
Oakland University
Oxford Community Schools
Romeo Community Schools
West Bloomfield School District

Glenbard 87
Arlington District 25
Winfield District 34
SASED The School Association for Special Education

Minnetonka Public Schools
Detroit Lakes Public Schools

Non-Profit Clients

Grant & Associates
New York City, NY

Fly Fishers International
Livingston, MT